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Journey to the route of Delights

Orange blossom

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The Orange Blossom, fresh and delicate is perfect to relax both body and spirit. Its enchanting notes of citrus fruit are part of oriental women traditions.


Gifts orders

  • The exquisite ceremony of a journey la sultane de saba ®

    Bio argan & orange blossom

    99,00 €

  • The delight of la sultane de saba®

    Bio argan & orange blossom

    165,00 €

  • The supreme argan ®

    Bio argan & orange blossom

    175,00 €

  • The la sultane de saba bride’s elixir®

    Bio argan & orange blossom

    199,00 €

Other cares linked to those rituals...

  • Eucalyptus black soap scrub (purifying)

    55,00 €

  • Signature massage la sultane de saba®

    72,00 €

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Beauty tips

Organic argan and orange blossom facial oil

The argan oil is a healthcare product. The high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids boosts the skin moisturizing and thus fight against wrinkles and slows down the skin aging process.

Directions for use: Apply the argan oil on the whole face and neck morning and night. It can be used under day cream or alone as an elixir of youth.

Argan and orange blossom repairing mask

Apart from being comfortable and silky, this miraculous mask repairs and restructures in depth the skin. Thanks to the argan benefits, it enhances the skin elasticity and firmness, leaving the skin perfectly softened and revitalized. The orange blossom extract soothes redness and brings freshness and moisturizing. The skin regains its glow.

Directions for use: Apply a thin layer of the mask on the whole face. Leave it for 10-15 min then rinse with clear water.

The pareo offered from 99€ of purchase + free delivery !