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Journey to the route of Darjeeling

Ginger green tea

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  • Draining or slimming massage with ginger green tea shea butter la sultane de saba®

    Ginger green tea

    55,00 €

  • Foot reflexology with ginger green tea la sultane de saba®

    Ginger green tea

    75,00 €

  • The darjeeling detox la sultane de saba®

    Ginger green tea

    129,00 €

Other cares linked to those rituals...

  • Signature massage la sultane de saba®

    72,00 €

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Beauty tips

Green tea has been one of the beauty secrets of Asian women since the drawn of time. Ginger, full spice of mystery, with a sweet and peppery scent release its invigorating properties. The exfoliating with the exfoliating salts Ginger Green Tea is a real instant of pleasure for the epidermis. Take a handful of salt and apply on the skin with circular motion. Insist on the part to thin down as stomach, hip, thigh… The skin is clear of its impurity, and find a soft and voluptuous feel.

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