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Journey to the route of Udaipur

Musk incense vanilla - Vegan

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A relaxing deeply enchanting journey to the heart of the Indian beauty thanks to the Musk, Incense and Vanilla notes. A princely and sensual elegance for this range of products aiming to relax both body and spirit.


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  • The exquisite ceremony of a journey®

    Musk incense vanilla

    99,00 €

  • Modelage for two, fragrance musk, incense, vanilla

    Musk incense vanilla

    165,00 €

  • The journey to the route of udaipur, la sultane de saba

    Musk incense vanilla

    199,00 €

  • Duo supreme ®

    Musk incense vanilla

    379,00 €

Other cares linked to those rituals...

  • Signature massage la sultane de saba®

    72,00 €

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